Is the World Really Getting Better?

Question: You are always talking about how the world is ready and prepared for the Age of Moshiach. I don’t see it. It looks like a pretty awful world to me. Looks like we’ve got a long way to go.


Answer: That’s because you don’t see where it’s coming from, what it used to be and how much it changed.


Let me illustrate: Nowadays you can call anywhere from anywhere. Imagine a call to the past. Say you called up your great-grandparents.


“Hi, great-grandma, great-grandpa! This is your great-grandchild calling from a hundred years later!”


“So wonderful to hear from you! How is life in the 21st century? Do you have enough to eat?”


“Well, when I want to eat, I go to my refrigerator. It keeps all the food cold and fresh.”


“You only eat cold? Poor thing!”


“No, I stick it in my microwave for a minute and it comes out warm and cooked.”


You go on to describe your menu, including produce and packages from every part of the world. And not just food, but people, too: You can take a cute little device out of your pocket and have a conversation with someone anywhere in the world, anytime. And if you need a piece of information, or to study any subject, you have access to millions of computers and many helpful people around the world-without even stepping out the door.


Your home is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. No Cossacks come to burn it down. In fact, the government provides subsidies so your children can study Judaism. Even in Moscow, the government helps build places of worship for Jews, as well as people of all faiths. The people around you teach their children tolerance and love of peace. The world produces enough food to feed each of its six billion citizens. Scientists, rather than challenging faith, point out the mysterious wonders of the universe and its essential oneness. For the first time in history, war is looked down upon and world peace is a value.


To them, you are describing a miraculous world. A world more distant from their world than theirs was from the ancients. They could only reach one conclusion: You must be calling them from the Times of Moshiach.


Yes, you left out a few details. For example, that you still owe the bank for that house. That the food produced is not reaching those who need it. That the information superhighway is often used for trash and pornography rather than for the wisdom it is destined for. That the world is still filled with much evil and suffering. But the point is, the stage is set, all is in place. Never before has the world been anywhere near this position. All that’s left is for the curtains to be drawn and the lights to shine on the scene.